Thursday, February 18, 2016

G^d Revealed in Nature

In the last post I reminded us that G^d is revealed in Scripture and in nature (Romans 1).

I am extremely blessed to be paid to study nature.  The nature I study is the physiology of the human body, and it is indeed revealing.  I have written about this before, so let's shift our focus a bit, to other aspects of nature.

You may have heard of the anthropic principle- that our universe seems particularly structured for humans.  Lucky break, or the existence of G^d as Designer?

But, I argue that maybe we are here because the particular constants allow for OUR type of life and not some other.  But how about the complexity of DNA?

Well, that is hard to argue against.  There is enormous information in DNA.  The human genome  DNA is comprised of over 3 billion base pairs!  What?  Yep, that is a LOT of info.  Doesn't info imply intelligence?

Well, no, except for that pesky Search for Extra Terrestrial Intelligence (SETI.  Yep, even the famous pagan Carl Sagan was excited to look for information in the cosmos.  He was confident that we could recognize intelligence if we saw it... except on earth, where intelligence apparently is only the "appearance of design" as opposed to true intelligence.

But wait, despite scientific skepticism, those of us who believe in the SETI, believe it has been found and it is in fact G^d, the author and finisher of our cosmos.  After all, we agree that G^d is extra terrestrial.  We believe that G^d originated intelligence.  Hence G^d is ETI!!!  No problem.

Not only is the universe finely tuned, but physiology is finely tuned so that we remain alive, to continue the search for what many of us have already found, Intelligence that is ET.

Not only is G^d the ultimate ETI, He, for reasons that I do not understand, He loves us!

Now that is a mystery indeed!!

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