Monday, February 8, 2016

When Fighting is Good!

One of my friends, Craig V sent this out on New Year's Eve.  I asked Craig if i could use it here to share w you.  Here is Craig's email:

Many of us can identify with the sports analogy.

Everyday when I wake up and roll out I have to set my mind, warm up, and suit up. Because there's a strong opponent who meets me once I gain consciousness every morning. This team is faithful and has never missed a day!

At first base the big guy is "Complacency", On second base is "Arrogance".  Their short stop is a real athlete.  His name is "Pride". Third base is manned by "Excuses". And left field is covered by "Constant Fear". Everyone gives their center fielder a wide berth, his name is "Anger". The right fielder is a shy kid who's name is, "No one loves me". Their pitcher is pretty good, but if you ask him his record, he will tell you that he's never lost a game.  His name is "Denial". And the few times he comes out of the game in the late innings, old "Blame" is the best closer in the game. And the Catcher? Well his name is "Know it all". If you need to know something just ask him, he is never wrong...

Well I better get to bed, I've got a big game tomorrow....

Craig has captured several truths.  We are in a contest!  Our opponent is skilled with many good players on his team. And all of us are familiar with those named opponents.

Two little things I would add to Craig's excellent observations.  First it is more of a battle than a game.  And second, we KNOW who wins!!  It is important to recognize, we are empowered, not by our own metabolism but by the Holy Spirit.  We are not relying on our own muscles, but on the Strength of the L^rd G^d!

Now get suited up and get our there and fight!!

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