Wednesday, May 11, 2016

Farewell and Hail

In the US Military, the average service member is at a duty station for only about 3 years.  Some folks are different, but some folks are not experiencing normalcy.

The military custom is to periodically hold a "Hail and Farewell" to extend a formal welcome to new arrivals and to give a more formal farewell to those heading to their next duty station.

The custom is a good one, as are many military traditions.  It is born out of necessity, and it is a way of expressing love and admiration.

Yesterday was one of three Spring Graduations at U of A.  I was in the 2.5-hour Saturday morning graduation.  I go to as many of these as I can, for reasons I have explained in previous posts.

I am thrilled for these young folks who have passed a milestone.  I get a picture with as many as I can to commemorate the moment.  I am happily surprised at how many of my former students are graduating.

The sad part, or course, is that many of these young folks will move on to bigger and better things.  Several are going on to PT, OT and other graduate schools. With only a couple of exceptions, all of them are leaving campus.  Some may come back, but I have no idea when.

And so, I bid farewell to old friends, former students.  I know you will make us all proud.  My biggest wish for you is NOT that you become sucessful.  My biggest wish for you, for myself, for my own kids, is that each of you develop a deep, abiding, growing relationship with the G^d of the universe.

So be it.  Fare thee well, all.

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