Monday, May 23, 2016

Selling our Treasure Part II

In an earlier post I told the story of how we sold our beloved home of 31 years. I want to go into a bit more detail this post-- a story this good is worth more than just ONE blog post.

As we got to know our prospective buyer, Brady, better (something that typically doesn't happen when Realtors broker the deal- for good reason), we discovered "The Rest of the Story", as they tell it on NPR.

Brady had driven by our house numerous times.  Brady collects some antiques, and he wanted an older home in which to display them.  He wanted an older home that was still sided with wood, and still in much of its original layout.

Our old lot was an absolutely BEAUTIFUL setting for a home.  It is a great location and the lot is loaded with beautiful old trees, some of which must pre-date the house's construction in about 1927.  Dr. C.P. Bell laid out the whole sub-division, the first one in Northport, and naturally he kept the very best lot for himself.  It actually was multiple lots amounting to about 1 acre (4047 square meters).

Brady had seen the movie, War Room, about the power, and importance of prayer, and had created one for himself.  When he visited us and signed the contract to buy the house, he gave us a copy.  It is a very well-cast and well-done movie.  Brady said that prayer had brought the deal about, and I have no argument with that thinking.

Selling our house to Brady was one of the BEST business deals Brenda and I have experienced.  First, he dealt in cash- which makes the sale much simpler.  Second, he wanted to buy a LOT of our stuff.  Downsizing meant we couldn't use a LOT of our old stuff.  Third he was very flexible on when and how things were done.  Like I said, it coudl NOT have gone better.

But what did we expect??

G^d acted, and when G^d does something... well, it is completely done!

Thanks be to G^d!

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  1. It looks like you've had a fantastic experience dealing with a cash sale. This is something that most people dream of considering that it's nice to get to know the new owners. This is especially true as you lived in the house for so long. Sounds like a fantastic lot. I'm happy to read such a positive blog.