Monday, May 30, 2016

Patience, Patience, and Again I Say Patience

Some readers may be aware that I have been in the processing of moving to another university, up in VA.  I interviewed there on 28 April. It is now, as of this writing, 22 May.  By everyone’s thinking that is a Unusually LOOOONG time to wait for a job offer, or NOT.  I have not only not gotten an offer/decline, I have not heard even a word from the Uni.

I am not typically a patient type.  I am a “Type A” personality- or as I describe it, READY- FIRE- AIM!  I do NOT sit around well.  

But this has been entirely out of my control, so I have had no choice.  It has NOT been a difficult wait. I think there are two reason for that.  First, I fully believe it is the L^rd’s will for us to move to VA. Secondly I have been so busy with the move o the new house, I have had little time for contemplating why this has taken so long.

It’s the first reason that matters. There is NO place safer, no place more secure, than to be in the center of G^d’s will. And that’s where I hope to stay!!  G^d grant it, I pray.

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  1. I've got something better than intuition that says they will call...A WIFE..:)