Thursday, May 19, 2016

Some TRUE friends

As many readers will note, Brenda and I moved from the old big house (~2600 sq feet plus basement) to the new garden home (~1400 sf).  We and our 5 kids had accumulated "stuff" for almost 31 years in the old place.

We threw away, gave away, and otherwise tried to cut down on the stuff- with only partial success.  We still had a LOT of stuff, including a good bit belonging to our kids.

So, moving days started around 11 April, when I had 5 hours to work before going in for my afternoon 3-hour Grad class.  That's 5 hours assuming we started about 0630, which we did.

That gets me to the "friends" part.  On Sunday, 10 April, I casually mentioned to two of my retired buddies (CV and PW) that I might need some help- which, of course, turned into a massive understatement.

My two buddies showed up at 0630 Monday AM with two more pickups and a small trailer.  We worked feverishly until 1130.  When I say "feverishly", keep in mind that I am ADHD and was anxious to get this thing done as quickly as possible.  We didn't stop for anything.

That gets me to the "TRUE" part. At 1130 these guys volunteered to do it again when I got done teaching on Tuesday!  Crazy eh?

Well, in just two partial days, a bit over 10 hours, we moved about 90% of our stuff!!  Amazing.

G^d Blesses us in lots of ways, but friends are among His richest Blessings!

Thanks to Friends, far and wide, who express freindship in many different ways.

G^d Bless every one!

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