Monday, May 16, 2016

How to buy a house

Regular readers will recognize that this is the second in a series of articles on buying and selling houses.

Last week I related the story of selling our beloved family home of 31 years.  Well this post is about the flip side of that story.

Last week I mentioned our plan of buying a small home to put much of our furniture in order to set up the old place for the realty market.  We had been looking for small garden homes, and hadn't really found what we wanted.  Our great realtor freind, Carly P, and one of her sales associates, Carol B, had shown us several possibilities.  One was a foreclosure that was particularly interesting.  We had taken a second look at it, when on our way home we noticed, in the same neighborhood a "For Sale by Owner" house in a good spot.

We wrote down the number and arranged to see it the next Saturday.  It had a lot of appeal and after one more look, we agreed to a price.  I had printed off another contract, getting a bit more adapt and writing in specific items.

The sellers had an interesting story.  We had a contract to sell this house last November, but the deal fell through and we took it off the market.  The night before we saw the sign, the husband had prayed and told G^d that he was going to put up a sign to sell his house, but that was ALL he was going to do.  We had called that same day the sign went up.

Go Figure.

Just as G^d sold the old homestead, we feel pretty confident that He provided the new one!

Thanks be to G^d!

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