Friday, May 13, 2016

How to sell a house

Back in January, we had a plan in mind.  We knew our big old, great, comfortable tree-shaded house had to be sold.  It was too big, and required too much maintenance for Brenda and I.

That house had a LOT of great memories.  Our last two kids had been brought home to that house.  We had a LOT of great Christmases, Easters, and Thanksgivings under that roof.  We had bought it back in the spring of 1985 in a sealed-bid auction.  The location was terrific, and the many trees and shrubs made it very cool and very private.  It had been the ideal home to raise our 5 children, but its time had come.

We would find ourselves a small garden home and move much of our furniture and then stage the big house for a sale.  We were searching for a new smaller place while slowly beginning the arduous task of readying Bellwood for sale.

In fact, on this very Saturday, one of my friends, Dan, was helping me with a plumbing repair. I was out looking for a vital part, whilst Brenda was working at home.

A large, unknown truck pulled into the very end of our wonderful circular drive, and stopped.  An unknown man in his 40's was walking towards our front door.

When Brenda met him at the door, he asked sheepishly, "I know this is a crazy question, but I have been riding by this house every day for over a month.  Is there any chance it is for sale?"

Brenda nearly cried, but managed to reply, "Well it just so happens that it will be for sale soon!"

The next Wednesday, I printed off a contract just in case.  The man met us and I walked him through the house telling him every problem I could recall.  He asked, "Are you really serious about selling?"  I quoted him the asking price.

We signed my contract a few minutes later!

But boy that 0 hours and 0 days of having our house on the market had absolutely worn me out!

I am pretty sure G^d sold our old house.

Thanks be to G^d!!

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