Thursday, June 2, 2016


April 13 was a day that will go down in infamy- in the Bishop household at least.

The day started, as do most Wednesdays, with a campus prayer meeting.  As soon as prayer was over, I headed straight over to UA Human Resources.  In HR, I had an appointment with Jessica P, who very effectively helped me apply for retirement.  From there I hurried over to my office.

In my office, I noted that I had missed a call.  The call was an invitation from the Dean of Health Sciences, who invited me up for a job interview at Liberty University.

I called my wife, and then headed out for our weekly Christian Faculty meeting.  Only an hour or so later, we were sitting in a law office, closing on the sale of our old family home.

Oh, one more thing.  Wednesday, 13 April was the day I received...
my FIRST Social Security check.

G^d is good... All the time!!

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