Thursday, June 9, 2016

Celebrating Ignorance!

When you saw this title, you probably didn't expect what's coming next.

I celebrate my own ignorance.  It is worth celebrating.

I am very well educated, yet remain woefully ignorant of many, many things, and that is worth celebrating.

I know more than 99+% of the world about:
1) Recovery from exercise training,
2) Work in Protective clothing, especially in hot environments.

But, that's pretty much it.  I know little about a myriad of other subjects- just like EVERYONE else.  G^d created an extremely complex world.  And society is also quite complex.

Why did G^d do this?  I can think of ONE key reason:  to help us towards humility.

You see, pride is our human downfall.  Start with Adam and Eve, then onwards to Cain, then on to the Tower of Babel, then on to the time of Noah.  And really, the list goes on to ME!

But, we ought to realize how dumb we all are- even those who are educated beyond their intelligence (as the late Howard Hendricks was fond of saying).

If I don't understand human psychology, or sociology, or pure mathematics, why do I expect to understand the G^d of the Universe?

Really, why?


  1. Science:...the intellectual and practical activity encompassing the systematic study of the structure and behavior of the physical and natural world through observation and experiment...My definition...The life long study and celebration of man's accomplishments as he attempts to uncover what God spoke into existence in 6 days...(I think it took 6 days because he took his time, because he love's us (more of his creation) so much, he wanted all things nice for us.)

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  3. I have just been memorizing Romans 1:20- creation testifies to G^d- and that testimony is so undeniable that the HS says, " they are without excuse!".