Monday, June 6, 2016


I am NOT a craftsman by any stretch of an active imagination!

I am CREATIVE.  I can imagine, and even develop creative solutions to lots of problems.  I just am NOT a craftsman.

Here's an example.  I needed a place to park my lawnmower in the dry at our new home.  It is NOT an expensive mower, so I couldn't see spending much money.  Soooo, the process begins.

I spot a pile of perfectly good pallets outside a big-box store.  I ask, and they happily give me a certain kind of disposable (most are recyclable) pallet.  I wind up with two pallets one of which I cut away a few square feet.

By joining the two pallets I wind up with a platform that is about 39" wide and 79" long.  It is light, and it is free!

I have some old 2x4's and I buy a couple more.  I use these to frame up some verticals that are high enough, at their lowest to house my intact mower handle and a bicycle.

I do buy some corrugated galvanized steel as roofing.

The good news:

I didn't spend $30 total.
My shed fit precisely where it needed to go.
The shed holds my mower, the bike, and has a little room to spare.
The shed will do the job for which it is intended.

The bad news:
It is NOT a beauty to behold (though it is well hidden where it sits).
I protected the wood with "natural cedar" Thompson's Waterseal- so it looks mostly orange.  (Note to self- only use CLEAR Thompson's).

Once again, the theological wisdom of Dirty Harry proves true,
"A man's just got to know his limitations!"

Only G^d is without limitations!

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  1. Your story rings a bell with me:)...I started my first full time job in the Maintenance Dept. at DCH, (Druid City Hospital at the time) at age 18, fresh out high school and w/ no formal training. My Boss at the time told me to not be scared to work on anything, because someone could always fix it...I wonder if he ever regretted telling me that?? :)