Monday, June 13, 2016

Sand in your suit

As I write this, we are on the road heading South towards the BEAUTIFUL Gulf Coast!!  As I have previously written, the Gulf Coast is beautiful- among the best, and in some ways, THE best, in the world. We usually make it down 2-4 times in the year.  Often we stay in Panama City Beach at the Laguna Beach Christin Retreat Center.  I am reluctant to even mention it, because it is tough enough to get an open cottage.

The weather here is usually ideal beach weather.  The cost ins reasonable, and some places are NOT very crowded.  In fact, we are the week before the public schools get out, so it is very likely our part of the beach will be almost deserted.
Our area of the Beach is more middle class. There are some expensive spots, but a lot of the houses are quite modest.  Early Morning runs are nice and quiet. I see an occasional runner, a few cyclists, and some neat birds!

We have been here many times over the last 20 years or so.  It is nice, because it feels a bit familiar.  We know many of the street names and how to get to most places we need.

Then there’s the joy of the sunsets, the dolphins and the seabirds. The joy of the warm white, white sand.   Too, there is the joy of no chores.  Nothing to mow, rake, clean.  No repairs to be repaired, no painting to be painted.  Lot of sand, sleep, reading, walking, enjoying!

G^d gives us times of rest; thanks be to G^d, who knows what’s best!

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