Thursday, June 16, 2016

A Faithful.. Chair!

Yep, we have a faithful chair, though I usually don't think of inanimate objects being so.

We bought a folding beach chair many years ago at Winn Dixie.  We have used it many times on several different beaches.  What makes it speacial is that it has a moveable "cover" that you can pull up to give you shade.  It's self-contained and well designed.

It folds up neatly and forms it own cover.  It even has "pack straps" to make it easy to carry.

Several years back I noted that rust was appearing in a few spots.  So after using it at the beach, I sanded off the worst rust and then gave it a coat of silver spray paint (in fact, I painted it just a few yards from where it now sits).

Since that time, parts of the chair fabric have let go from each other, and you can see the fabric in most places.  The brad that holds the front two braces together has now rusted completely through.  The fabric has rust stain in one or two spots.

It is has served us many years, and served us very well.  We'd love to find another like it, at under the $60-90 that we have seen on-line.

Some things are just good things.  Some things are indeed faithful, even when partly deteriorated.

May I be so- faithful even in the midst of deterioration!

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