Monday, July 4, 2016

A story I found interesting (as opposed to an interesting story)

One of my friends told me a story yesterday that I found interesting.  My buddy and his wife were not yet married, but both wanting to do Graduate degrees, her to get her MA, him his Ph.D.  They interviewed at a Uni, and she was offered a Graduate Assistantship on the spot.  He, on the other hand, got the word that NOTHING was available for him.

If you don't know about Graduate Assistantships, let me explain.  In exchange for 20 hours a week of labor in the classroom, lab, or center, the student gets:  1) Free tuition, and 2) a monthly stipend.  For these two young lovebirds, going to Grad school required they BOTH have these positions, otherwise it wasn't feasible financially.

They debated about what to do.  The guy recalled in his visit at the University, he noticed the professor had a sign hanging outside his door that had a picture of Jesus and the caption, "Have you met the One who will grade your final exam?"  The guy was a Christian, and it caught him a bit by surprise that the prof had this kind of statement hanging outside his door.  It made a good impression on the young would-be student, and he decided that he wanted to study with that guy.

To speed the story a bit, after a 3-month delay the guy and his fiancee both got Grad Assistant spots at that University, they got married and moved there.

About 5-6 years after the young fellow finished his  Ph.D. he was hired back to the Uni where he had seen that poster.  In fact, that office became HIS office. The prof was still there, so the young guy felt a bit awkward about putting up the same poster, and declined to do it.

But, one day the younger guy left his position at his old Uni for another teaching job.  When he got to the new job, guess what poster is the ONLY ONE adorning the wall outside his office?

Yep, that picture of Jesus and the caption, "Have you met the One who will grade your final exam?"

Have you?

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