Thursday, July 21, 2016

Coincidences? I think NOT!

Many readers might realize by this point that my wife , Brenda, and I are making some BIG changes in our life.  And, I would note with great confidence, these changes have been hard, really hard!
It has been hard emotionally, physically, mentally, and some ways I can’t even put into words.  Hard!

The only thing, the only thing that has made this tolerable has been the understanding that we are in the CENTER of G^d’s will.

How could we know such a thing?

Well, there are plenty of signs this is so.  Let me list a few:
Step 1:  G^d sold our old big house in a miraculous way.
Step 2: G^d provided us a garden “lock-it-and-leave it” house.
Step 3: G^d did NOT provide any solid assurance of a new job, before I retired from my old job, but the following Monday, Memorial Day, He did!
Step 4:  G^d miraculously provided a house in a GREAT neighborhood in the new location.
Step 5: G^d allowed us to accomplish about a year’s worth of stuff done in about 6 months.
Step 6: G^d gave us a miraculously good trip of 12 hours (usually only 10) to haul our meager moving possessions
Step 7: G^d has provided in many, many small ways.  Brenda’s lost sunglasses turned up!

Maybe NONE of these impress you, but rest assured they impress me.  G^d, in His grace, has given us many small assurances, not all of which I listed.
G^d didn’t HAVE to do this, or anything else. 

But, HE DID.  G^d’s just like that!

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