Thursday, July 7, 2016

Differing Perspectives

Our daughter Anna posted to Facebook a video clip of her youngest, daughter HJ,walking.  This of course elicited a large number of very sweet comments.  Below you see two of those comments:

Phil Bishop Precious Hazel is growing up so quickly! Go Hazel ! So happy you have a video of it. 

Phil Bishop We take it for granted, but WALKING is a VERY complex skill. Also the physiological adjustments required are pretty amazing. And, to think HJ has already mastered it fully!!! PAB

Notice anything odd about these two comments with the same  author tag?

Yep, the point of view is quite different.

So what?

So, one explanation is that two different people communicate through one account- which would be the CORRECT explanation.

What's really interesting to me is that the viewpoints are so DIFFERENT.

G^d made each of us individually and uniquely.  All 7.4 billion of us are unique.

What a G^d we serve!

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