Monday, July 11, 2016


Change is...HARD!

Not sure exactly why, but most of us dislike change.  Sure, we want a change of pace now and then, which is why we take vacations.

But BIG change- houses, locales, jobs, church congregations- those are TOUGH.

And, they tend to come at the same time, like it is for us.  As I wrote before, I retired from my beloved job at the Uni of AL on 1 June.  It is sad to see this career come to an end.

Of course there is a new beginning associated with that end.  In Aug, I will start a new teaching/research gig at Liberty Uni.  I will be like a freshman there- new buildings, new schedules, new ways of doing most everything.  I will have to suddenly, and quickly learn the new rhythm, the new philosophy, the new techniques.

You can't teach and old dog- me- new tricks.

I hope that bit of wisdom is WRONG!!  I am certainly too old to be learning so much- but I don't really have any say-so in the matter.

As I wrote before, we sold the BIG old house where we raised our terrific gaggle of kids, and moved to a garden home that we have since named, "The Vacay".

We have purchased ANOTHER garden home in Lynchburg, which for now we call the Adeline house, after the realtor's youngest daughter, overdue whilst we were house-hunting.

Lot so change.  Lots of stress for us old fogeys.

BUT, G^d is Sovereign and we feel He is directing our steps.  Obedience is not always easy, in fact is rarely really easy.

But, this too shall pass.  Before long we will be established in new patterns, and one day those will change too.

BUT, G^d is Sovereign!

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  1. Positive change is like suicide; It must be self inflicted...I admire you and Brenda's faith to wade out into the unknown waters.