Thursday, July 14, 2016

Sport Betting, and What it Tells Us About How to Live

When we lived in Botswana, there was a television ad for Ladsbroke, a sport betting company in the UK.  I always thought it was a bad name, because it had the word, "broke" , in the name, and that was the most likely outcome for most of their customers.

Sport betting is big business, and I am told in Las Vegas, NV, you can bet on almost anything.

I am not a VOLITIONAL betting man.  I have studied math and statistics, and I know a tiny bit about making a profit, so betting, or gambling of any kind, is NOT for me.  But we don't always get to choose.  Sometimes we are COMPELLED to place a bet, whether or not we enter into the contest happily.

In fact, it occurs to me that LIFE is a big BET.  At some age after about 22 years, we realize that we are NOT going to live forever.  One day this life will be over.  We make a bet by our choice of how to spend these days given to us in life.

The most popular, and perhaps we think the safest bet, is to cover all the bases.  We make some small nod to religion, but we do ALL we can to maximize the pleasure in this life- just in case there is nothing beyond this realm.

But if you knew the Olympic medal count for the 2016 Olympics in advance- I'll bet you could make some serious money wagering what really is NOT a bit- it's a sure deal.  We know how the game, in this case games, come out, so it is easy to make a good bet.

Well, for all us Christians out there, we KNOW how the game comes out!  We may argue a bit about the ordering and exact nature of the end of this present age, but we do know HOW the game ends, and WHO WINS!!

When you have "insider knowledge"  you know how to wager- which is why insider knowledge is prohibited on Wall Street.

We know that Christ will reign Supreme in the end of the game.  Now, we can wager wisely by investing in those things that make us obedient to Him.

It's a safe bet!

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