Monday, July 18, 2016

Tempus Fugit- Again!

I know, patient reader, that you may be growing tired of reading my repetitious blogs on how fast life speeds by.

But, it is a VALUABLE lesson and worth repeating.

I have been feted twice in recent weeks celebrating my retirement after 32 years at the University.  That’s 32 years, but it seems only a few weeks.
Yeah, tempus fugit indeed!  But so what?  There are some practical applications.
We ought to “redeem the time”!  We spend our time wisely, because we realize that time is a LIMITED commodity.
We have a scary variety of options as to how to spend our limited time:

But there are some OTHER options, I think better:
Scripture reading and memorization.

G^d gives us time, some of us get more than others, but we MUST be good stewards of that time.

So, how you stewarding your time on earth?

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  1. As I thought on your lists...I couldn't help but think about how as a Christian the two lists over lay...Can I go to the gym or do an activity without Servicing those I meet? Can I enjoy the beauty of nature (hunting or fishing) w/o prayer and meditation? Can I eat drink or sleep w/o engaging the Most High? Most of the trouble I experience in this life comes when I attempt to carve out time just for ME...