Monday, December 5, 2016

A Few Thoughts on Happiness

I once heard the late Howard Hendricks speak of a "Happiness Cult".

He may have been only half right.  Happiness, and its pursuit promised in the Declaration of Independence, is MORE than a cult, it is full blown religion- even among Christians.

On Facebook, and other well-meaning outlets, we can read admonitions to:
"Dance like no one is watching",
"Pursue your dreams",
"Follow your heart",
"Use the good china".

Now, I don't really argue against any of this nice advice, but the end goal is arguable.

Somehow most of the world, including many, many Christians, are pursuing happiness as the highest possible outcome.  In fact, us very competitive folks, are seeking to have MORE happiness than any of our competitors.  We accept the advice without second thought.

But think a second time.

Is this really consistent with Christianity, with G^d's plan for man, with Scripture?

I think NOT!

Scripture constantly reminds us to "take no thought for tomorrow", to seek to OBEY G^d, whether or NOT this obedience makes us happy.  Consider the prophet Jeremiah, the leader Moise, the disciples, the apostle Paul.  None of these pursued personal happiness.  Paul ended up primarily ministering from prison before he was hauled outside the city walls of Rome, and beheaded.

Does that sound like fun?

What does sound like genuine fun?  How about eternity in the presence of the Holy Creator G^d? Perhaps G^d did indeed create us for fellowship, for obedience, to do some tasks that may NOT be fun.

For those who do NOT know the Christ, happiness for a few years is about the BEST we can do.  For the rest of us, I say we ought to aim a bit higher.

Now to put that to practice!!