Saturday, December 31, 2016

Taking the Looooong-term view

We Americans, Christian and non-Christian alike, tend to focus mostly on the short-term.  We are micro-wave folks that can’t even wait for that.  I read several places recently that the Average American has only like $5000 is his/her bank account.  Wow!
One KEY problem with this short-term view is heaven.  Heaven is a ways off—at least we think it is a ways off.  We think, not about heaven, but about the tv show coming on next.  We think about something that is going to give IMMEDIATE pleasure.

One POSITIVE aspect of old age is that we realize that life is short, and that we do NOT have much longer on this earth.  These are good reminders to think looong term- eternity- rather than short term pleasure.  You are realizing probably, that I have said this over and over.  And, astute readers will realize I am MOSTLY talking to MYSELF!

Like most of you, I am struggling  to take this long -term view.  I want the here and now to be wonderful and I want to orchestrate all my circumstances to make it as great as possible- even if it is short term.

It is a struggle.  I write to you, dear reader, to remind myself- it is a struggle.

But, this too shall pass, and pass quickly.  On the other hand, eternity, as you can tell by its name, is the real-deal, long term.  Let’s think about that a while.

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