Sunday, December 25, 2016

Celebrating Easter-- Christmas Day

My son-in-law has a dual role- he is also my pastor, and a friend too.  Because a LOT of people will be gone Christmas Day, a Sunday this year, including the pastor, he asked me if I would give the Christmas Day sermon.

Of course!

I prayed and meditated and heard G^d say, "Talk about Easter".


"You heard me!"

And so today's sermon was titled, "Celebrating Easter".

You see, without Easter, Christmas would NOT be celebrated at all.  Plus the distractions of Christmas are much LESS obvious at Easter.

The text of the sermon is Luke 24: 1-11, with a focus on v. 5, which asks the crucial question, "Why do you seek the Living among the dead?"

What does this say about Christmas?  Lots.  Our Christmas celebration starts with "Black Friday" wherein Americans spend  lots of money, thinking that the perfect gift will make the holidays joyous.  Sure, materialism rules!

It seems America, including Christians, and really the whole world is looking for life in the cemeteries.

Materialism, greed, the prosperity gospel- all are destined to die!  Why not invest in spiritual matters, that will not pass away!Image result for looking for life in the cemeteries


  1. Nothing we truly Love is ever lost in death (In the Christ!)
    1 Corinthians 15:55...It was good to see & hear you!

  2. Thanks brother. Your friendship means a LOT to me.