Monday, September 28, 2015

A Tale of Two Beaches (yes bEAches)

Brenda and I had a terrific two weeks over a Gulf Shores, west beach.  Then, due to an unforeseen opportunity, we got a week at Panama City Beach.  We have moved between beaches before, but not exactly like this.

The contrast between beaches was noteworthy. First of all, our end of PCB is the non-highrise end which means the beach is almost empty.  No really.  The beach in Gulf Shores was full.  There was space, but it was a valuable commodity.  Today at 10AM we had the whole beach to ourselves.  At its busiest, there were maybe a dozen people within 50 yards either side of us.

The Gulf Shores beach was constantly remodeling- which we enjoyed.  The PCB beach is very stable.  The GS beach was mostly easy walking, but the beach here is so sloped that it is a bit uncomfortable to walk.

The sand is white on both beaches, and the people are friendly. The sun is bright, and the water warm. Both beaches are wonderful, even though a bit different.

It’s hard to complain about a vacation at the beach!

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