Friday, September 4, 2015

Yes, Finally the WWW is Wearing me Out

I spend hours each day on the WWW as part of my job, and some more time on the www, recreationally.  But I have to admit it is wearing me out.  I am a bit tired of all the hype that never makes good. I am tired of clicking on a link and then NOT being able to see what I was really after and incidentally seeing numerous adverts.

The overstatement has gotten to the point that I shall NOT be going to half the number of links that at first appear interesting.  They deliver about half or less of what was promised, so if I reduce by half - maybe that should work out.  So called "travel life hacks" turn out to be advice to take chargers on trips.  What?

As you already know, much on the www is simply bogus.  What started me on this particular rant was the 3rd title I have seen in the last 2 days that speaks of science "proving" something. If you paid attention in 6th grade science you probably recall that science is not in the business of "proving" anything.  Every aspect of science is subject to being "disproven".  Forever.  There's NO exceptions and plenty of examples of key scientific principles that are ultimately found to be in error.

Now, if you read this blog, I am pretty sure that none of this is news to you.  I guess "misery loves company" and so we commiserate in this irritating aspect of the WWW.  Don't get me wrong, I think quite often of the explosion of access to information that we didn't have 25 years back.  I love this access.  I am grateful.

BUT, don't expect me to go to the site "proving" anything, and Yahoo and "", I ain't going to stuff on your sites, until your veracity improves.

And that's where I stand... for the moment.

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