Monday, September 7, 2015

Phillip Bishop Funeral Plan

July 2015

We attended a funeral service today which was very nice.  It got me to thinking about my own funeral.  Why let someone else plan something so personal.  So, here is an OUTLINE of my funeral:

Desired Tombstone Inscription for Brenda and Phil:  Followers of the Christ   

These are my present desires for a funeral service:

1  1)  Prayer - invocation
    2)    Bio (also for obituary announcement):
a.       Lifelong Disciple of The L^rd Jesus the Christ (said that way)
b.      Married to Brenda for __ years.
c.       Five children, __ grandchildren.
d.      An active missionary and professor- in that order.
    3)     Prayer – for lost
4  4)     Sermon: Joy of Heaven
a.       For what doth it profit a man… (Matthew 16:26)
b.      Phil 1:21
c.       I Thess 4: 13-18

d.      Call of the Christ to be Saved in Him (Phil 3:14)
e.      Jokes in Scripture:
                                                               i.      Luke 16:31  even if one rises from the dead, they will not believe
                                                             ii.      Matt 6: 27 American Standard Version
And which of you by being anxious can add one cubit unto the measure of his life?  (This is a gag intentional by the Christ).
5  5)      Joke time:
a.       All surviving brothers share one or more jokes.
b.      Anyone else share joke.
6  6)     Prayer: for Joyous living
    7)   Music:  Interspersed as desired:
a.       Amazing Grace
b.      How He Loves
c.       I’ll Fly Away
8  8)    Prayer: Benediction- notice how MUCH Praying was done (4 times)- “Overworked and under-prayed”.

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