Monday, September 14, 2015

First day of school... 57 times!

  • 12 years of school
  • 4 years college
  • 2 years MS
  • 3.5 years Ph.D. (simultantoeus with 3.5 years Ph.D.)
  • 3 years teaching at VMI (simultantoeus with 2 years MA)
  • 3 years teaching at UGA
  • 29.5 years teaching at UA (1 year sabbatical at NASA, one term in Sweden)

For 57 years now, I have had a "first day of school".  I just had the first one of my 58th year.

First days carry much emotion:
  • Excitement,
  • Anticipation,
  • Trepidation.
As I have written before, I feel very privileged to have a job that has a distinct beginning.  First days are the  beginning. What will come?  Who will I meet?  What challenges, what opportunities, what trials, lie ahead?  Will it be a banner year, or a bust?  Will it generate many good memories, or regrets?

Lots of questions that will only be answered by time.

That gets me thinking about heaven.  One day we'll have a first day there!  But there won't be but one... for all eternity!

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