Monday, September 21, 2015

Philip Yancey

If you are not familiar with him, Philip Yancey is a very popular Christian writer from my home state of GA.  Yancey has written extensively about grace.  As a Bob jones Uni alumnus, grace is an important issue to him.  My oldest daughter, the very well-read one, says that all of Yancey’s books are about grace.

Perhaps so.  It is a very good topic, and so often misunderstood in part or in whole. I don’t want to digress.

Yancey is a plain-spoken writer.  I like that. He tells stories about real people, most of them unknowns.  I like that too.  He speaks practical truth. I like that as well.

Yancey has a LOT of Christian books on the market.  Look on Amazon.  I recommend him.

I think that Yancey is a very practical Christian. He sees the faults in the American Christian Church, and admittedly these are hard to miss, but they are difficult to discuss. His writing ought to be a great positive influence on American Christian.

Lord make it so!

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