Friday, January 22, 2016

A Little Planning...

Brenda and I like to plan ahead.  When we KNOW something is coming, we try to anticipate and prepare.  Some folks like to "wing-it", we don't.  We understand spontaneity, we just don't pursue it.

Here's an illustration:

We know that the end is coming, so why not prepare?  We have designed, bought and paid for our tombstone-- and not the pizza kind.

We wanted the cross to be a prominent part of it.  And I suspect that we have one of the few in the country with the bottom slogan.  I insisted that they capitalize the "The" in "The Christ".

Most readers know that the word "Christ" simply means "Messiah", but some less religious folks think that "Christ" is the surname of Jesus.  Plus that "The" is a subtle way of underscoring Christ.  Many folks follow many different things.  We endeavor to follow The Christ.

We know what we are trying to do, so we have a way of evaluating our progress.  We know where we will end up, so we are planning ahead.

How about you?


  1. I like it. Except I want me one of them big old weeping angels hovering over my grave. Whew! Now, that's drama. LOL

  2. Nice digs...I like what Jesus said "Our friend Lazarus sleepeth...So he woke him up:) Just like he will us!..You two sure all well suited; I'm a planner and Donna lives as spontaneous as it gets...Life is never boring though!...