Tuesday, January 5, 2016

Theoretical Christianity

Whenever someone asks me to do something Christian, I have a standard reply,  " I prefer to keep my Christianity on more of a theoretical basis, not a practical one!"

It's  a joke dating from 12-14 years back when we were catching a late flight that was making up for the flight we missed out of Yucatan due to a hurricane.  Steve Pogue had been given a first class seat, just to fill up the plane.  Steve is CRU Faculty Commons (faculty ministry) staff, and I was the professor on this trip.  He wanted me to take his first class seat whilst he sat in my seat in coach.  And that moment resulted in my "theoretical Christianity" quote.

Sadly though, it is only partly a joke.  There is too much truth to my "theoretical Christianity". 

You see, I know Scripture pretty well.  I have heard thousands or sermons, thousands of Sunday School lessons, and read the Bible every day.

I know a LOT about Christianity-- it's jsut that most of it is "theoretical" knowledge.   That is, I know, I do NOT act. I know Scripture, I just don't obey it.  I think about good works, I just fail to do many.

It's little solace... but I ma NOT alone!!!

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