Friday, January 29, 2016


Most readers are likely familiar with the term, "YOLO".  It is a common cry, meaning, "You only live once."  It commonly used to justify some self-indulgent act, because we only get to enjoy ourselves, entertain ourselves, feed ourselves, dress ourselves, and impress ourselves... ONCE.  What comes after that ONCE?  We die, of course, because you only live... once?

But what if we actually DO live TWICE??


Yep, us Christians believe that every person, in truth, lives TWICE.  Yep, we live in this world first, and then in the world to come.  The world to come?  Yep, the kingdom of heaven, the kingdom of G^d, our eternal home, heaven.

If the first "living" is very short and the second "living" is quite long, in fact infinitely long, we might should focus on the second life even more than the first.

Get my drift?

So, next time you hear the abbreviation, "YOLO" remember, it really ought to be, "YOLT".  And that second life is the one that ought to be the center of our focus.

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  1. Live twice? Is the soul of man ever in a state of decay? "YLE"...I can't help it...:)