Monday, January 25, 2016

Another WWW rant

I guess I shouldn't be complaining.  The WWW is invaluable for many things, and it is one of those things we can easily turn off, so why complain?

Well, marketing has sunk to a new low. The "bait" is some, previously interesting headline.  "You won't believe what happens next...".  Yes, yes I will be able to believe it.

Promises of tears, promises of shock, promises, promises, are NO better on the www than they are elsewhere.  They are bait to lure us... and that should be NO surprise!

But, a few of these still lure me in.  I click on the link, but cannot find the information promised.  But here is one advert, and if I click on the obvious arrow, I will find myself viewing info of absolutely NO interest.  Hey if it were interesting, I wouldn't have to be tricked, right?

So, though my irritation mounts, though I know better, I can't give up on the WWW just yet.  I just need to "say NO" to the WWW trolls.  Nothing good awaits me... or you.

As Christians have asserted before... this world has nothing for us!

True indeed.

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