Monday, January 11, 2016

The Rich, indeed, get Richer... and Maybe This is Why

It is a common complaint, "The rich, indeed, get richer"!  It is a complaint and often said with a tinge of implication that somehow this is unfair.

Shouldn't everyone have equal opportunity to get rich?

Well sure!  Of course everyone should have equal opportunity. But, individuality always plays a role.  We are gifted differently and some gifts are MORE lucrative than others.  Which is to say, almost anyone has the potential to BE rich, it just comes MUCH EASIER

But I have made some observations about getting rich.  In order to encourage students to do the ASSIGNED reading, each student is able, at/or before the due date, to turn in a 3x5 card with any notes that they want to make.  At the next exam, I give back ALL the cards.

Guess what?

The students with A's and B's have a card for EACH chapter.  The students with D's and F's have... one or NO cards to look at during the exam.

Go figure.

Also, students have the opportunity in my undergrad classes, to do UNLIMITED extra credit, which ADDS to their final grade.  I have never heard of anyone else doing that.

Guess what?

The students with A's and B's do lots of extra credit.  The students with D's and F's generally...  do NO extra credit or only 0.5 points or so.

Go figure.

So indeed, even in the economy of academics, the rich get richer.

And, oddly enough, it is also true of spirituality too!

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