Thursday, April 17, 2014

Getting Old

I am now older than I have ever been; though there is no guarantee that I will get any older.

I have recently been thinking about being old.  I can understand how a younger person can avoid the realities of death.  A 21-year-old never expects to die of anything.  I realized early in my teaching career that a fear of death meant little to young college students.

What is now a mystery is how people MY AGE can avoid contemplating their own demise.  I'm at an age wherein NO LIFE INSURANCE company is interested in me, unless I am willing to pay most of the policy value in premiums.  Which is to say, the risk of me dying goes up minute by minute.

So how do people my age ignore that?  How do they give NO thought to what comes after we die.  It's coming folks!  Give it some thought.

The Apostle Paul wrote, "For me to live is Christ, to die is gain."

If you truly believe that, it kinda takes all the "sting" out of death.  For those of us in the Christ, young or old, we have our HOPE in the Christ. 

Which raises a second mystery.   Why do we invest so heavily in this short life.  Yes, life is short though you live to be 110.  If you haven't yet noticed that, I assure you that you will, if you live long enough, you surely will.

So, in my old age I have reached three conclusions:
  • Life is short
  • Prepare for eternity
  • Invest in the life to come, rather than this short life.

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