Monday, April 28, 2014

Worst Soda Pop of ALL time!

Sometime in the last 4 months since our return from Africa, I bought some generic soda pop to take to work.  I have a mini-fridge in my office and like to hydrate from time to time.  I am not too picky, so I ignore famous brands and buy the cheapest think I can find.

Hmm, not always the best idea.

Here is a "bargain" soda I found:
Do NOT buy this soda.  I opened the first bottle (Yeah, I bought about 3) after chilling it.  I took a big swig and thought, This is the worse soda I have ever tasted anywhere.  It tasted like DIET soda, which I hate.  I looked at the label.  No mention of the word "diet" anywhere.  I looked at the list of ingredients- yep sugar was pretty high on the list, but down near the end was that dreaded word, "aspartame".  Wow does that taste bad!!

I don't offer a lot of advice, but hear this:  "Do NOT buy that pop!"  It is awful.

There is no shame in making a mistake... unless you fail to learn.


  1. Ha, ha. I love how much I'm like you. I did the exact same thing, except I only bought one. It bothered me so much that I took mine back to Wal-mart and showed the customer service rep the ingredients label. We don't like giving the kids aspartame, which is the reason I gave for returning it, but it was really because it was so awful. Sorry you had the same experience. It makes me feel better about hating it that helps. :-)

  2. Guess I'll use mine for cleaning the wind-shield!!

    Live and learn... or just live.