Friday, April 11, 2014

What exactly do you do?

For most people, my occupation is mostly mystery.

I do three things:
  • teaching
  • reserach
  • service.

It's easy to understand the teaching part.   The service part is sitting on committees that review applications for scholarships, or applications for tenure and promotion, or reviewing applications for research ethics approval.  I have done all of those.

The tricky part is the research part. Since I am in exercise science, most assume i study things like push-ups.  In truth we did some contract research for a company that made a product called, "The Perfect Push-up", but I prefer not to talk about that study.

In my younger days I did most of my research on protective clothing, as worn in the US Military, industry, and fire-fighting.  Those studies paid the bills, and got me promotions.  We still do a lot of these studies.  Here's an example:


After a few years, I realized that some of my grad students had little interest in protective clothing, so I started studying recovery from training.  That has been a fruitful reserach line for many years, and our lab has published more of these studies than any other lab.  I don't have a photo handy, but it looks a lot like running, lifting weights, swimming, soccer, and gymnastics.

Keppler said that "Science is thinking G^d's thoughts after him."

What a great enterprise!!

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