Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Reflections on Another School year Ended

In a previous post I talked about one of the great pleasures of teaching:  Terms have beginnings and endings.  It's corollary is that we generally get NEW students each term, so we get a chance to start over with new ideas and approaches.

This has been a tough term.  It has been extremely busy, but fortunately I taught my last class of the term last Thursday.  I still have a final exam to give, but that is small potatoes so to speak.

I had a tough group of undergrads this term.  I suspect that the majority of them were introverts.  They were NOT prone to speaking in class, with only a couple of exceptions.  I want an ENGAGED, interactive group of students, because otherwise I can't tell what is going on.  The lack of enthusiasm for speaking out was tough on them and me.

On the graduate front, it was a good bit better, but the volume was overwhelming.  We lost a faculty member, and I inherited several of his students. But that's not all bad.

In fact, I am thankful to be where I am and doing what I am doing.  I could quit with little repercussions, but I still enjoy it, despite the challenges.  I know many, many people endure their jobs because they have no alternative.

I rejoice to spend time with young people, and trying to solve interesting and complex physiological problems.  It is rewarding at times.  I have one of the few jobs where you can justify getting exercise on the job.  Many of the people at the University are interesting, even if I disagree with most of their views.  There are new challenges most weeks.  Not much is humdrum about this.

As I have said on many occasions.  I thank G^d for the great job I have.  I hope to keep at it a few years more.

But it's still nice to have some time off.

Thanks be to G^d.

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