Thursday, April 24, 2014

Our longest standing (not oldest) friends

When we were just young pups, before children, ...  in Lexington Park Baptist Church we met two of our longest-standing friends, Martha and Bill.  Bill was a USN Supply Officer who ran the commisary where we bought most of our food.

Martha and Bill were a few years ahead of us in the marriage and family game.  We were a long way from home, and all alone.  We needed mentors, and they were ideal for the job.  The year was about 1974, and we were childless.  In 1977 Kelly was born, and we needed some serious mentoring.  Martha and Bill rose to the occasion.

About 6 months after Kelly was born, we moved away... but we didn't lose touch.  When they retired from the USN and lived in Virginia Beach, VA, we made several visits.  After Bill retired from his second career, they moved... to Lineville, AL.

Most years, on New Year's Eve we traditionally call Martha and Bill.  We used to call just before midnight.  Now days, we call closer to 9 PM than midnight.

On our way back from Atlanta last Sunday, we swung by Lineville.  We hadn't seen our longest standing friends in a few years, though we had spoken on the phone several times.  Brenda recalled the time she helped give them a 50th anniversary party, and we remembered the night we spent with them when we were driving to ATL to fly to Japan.

We thought about our visits with them in Virginia Beach, and the time one of our kids accidentally broke the head off their Japanese statuary.  Our best memories are the help and advice they gave us back when we were newlyweds.  Seems like yesterday.

Tempus fugit!  But time seems much more pleasant when you can share it with friends.

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