Wednesday, April 9, 2014

Those who have gone before...

Spending 30 years in a job means that lots of folks will come and go.  Whereas I don't have every name plate for those who have moved on, I have many of them.  One former colleague, when she married and moved away, said specifically, "Make sure Bishop doesn't get my name plate!"  Not sure form whence this sentiment arose, but my reputation was already made, I guess.

You'll notice my own name among those of my colleagues.  I have left the group for several bouts of a few months at a time.  One of great aspects of my job is that you can move to Houston, or Highland Falls, or Sweden, or even Botswana and never miss a pay check.  I don't understand it, but I ain't asking any questions.

Most of the names on the list above are good friends.  I won't tell stories on specific individuals, but these people represent some good ones.  A lot of them, I know where they are today.  All those with whom I worked directly I know where they presently reside.  A few are retired.

Lately I have been reflecting on the values of being older.  One of those advantages is that you have a long, long list of friends.  I count myself fortunate to know people around the world.

G^d gave us the gift of friendship.  I count it as one of my richest blessings!

Most of you reading this are friends.  Please accept my sincerest thanks.

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