Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Making Judgements

In my work I have to make a LOT of judgement calls.  I mentioned in a recent post that I make appraisals of:
  • Research papers
  • Grant proposals
  • Proposals for ethics approval for research
  • Applications for admission
  • Applications for scholarships.

I am not surprised to discover that people make these judgements with vastly different criteria. In one of these situations, we discussed what was our basis for scoring.  My criteria are quite different from some of my colleagues.

So what does this tell us?   It tells us that when we write papers or proposals, how we get judged is more of function of WHO is doing the judging than how we write.

One day there will be a BIG judgement, one that really, really counts.  It is pretty clear in that one, WHO will be the Judge, and it is likewise pretty clear that NO ONE can meet the criteria, except the Christ alone.

Fortunately, for the most important judgement, the outcome is already known.  The Blood of Jesus is our qualification, and He supplies it with love and GRACE.

Thanks be to G^d, indeed.

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