Thursday, September 26, 2013

Flamingos, They’re not Just Yard Decorations!

One of my friends in the USA played a trick on some other friends by going by their home and planting two plastic flamingos on their lawn.

We were coming into the north side of Kimberley, RSA, and we looked over, and I asked Brenda, "What is that?"

There was a large lake there and in the water was a few big birds.

Then we noticed that farther out in the lake, there were HUGE pink clusters.


Nah, but what else could it be?

Flaminigos indeed.

We couldn't get close enough to capture the scene, but flamingos formed huge pink herds in the distance.  They number of them was staggering.

Why flamingos, particularly thousands of them, were in Kimberley was a mystery until I researched it.  The lake, Kamfers Dam, is full of algae which lesser flamingos eat.  Furthermore a couple of local groups built a breeding island, and the birds established the first lesser flamingo breeding colony in all of Africa.

They were certainly amazing to see the vast pink flocks.  Why did G^d make so many flamingos, and pull them all together in Kimberley?  Who knows.  G^d's ways are beyond our ways (Isa 55:9).

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  1. Either Lewis Grizzard did this or it was done to him, but I think on his birthday (fifty?) someone placed that many pink flamingos in his yard during the night. Nice surprise the next morning!