Sunday, November 17, 2013

A Little Humor with your Food

One of the places we have come to enjoy is the Bull and Bush Restaurant near the CBD (Central Business District).  The menu regales you with the elaborate tale of who has owned the restaurant.  The last Saturday of each month they have a market there with people selling various wares.  We have become friends with a lady who sells jewelry there and look forward to seeing her.  She, Jane, has a great sense of humor, so that makes it even more fun.

On market day they write something somewhat humorous on the blackboard as above.

You don't usually think of a restaurant as a source of humor, but the B&B is just that.  And why not?

We can make a lot of things a lot funnier, and a lot more fun if we try.  Indeed I think even the Bible has some good gags for those with open eyes and who read with some care.

He who has ears to hear...

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