Thursday, November 28, 2013


In Spanish, "tia" means aunt.  In Botswana, TIA means, "This is Africa", and it's used several different ways.  Most often it is used to remind people that this is a different continent and things here are really different.  That can be positive and it can be negative.

On one hand, people are important here, more important than schedules and starting times.  On the other hand, because people matter more than schedules the people who are punctual will likely wait for those who are not.

TIA means that broken things may NOT be repaired quickly, but TIA means that there is no point in getting overly excited about things not working, they will work again one day.

TIA means that people may not be in any hurry at all walking down the street, but put them in an auto/truck/combi and they will pass anyone doing less than racing speed...even if the passer intends to turn in another 100m.

TIA means that everyone smiles and waves at me a stranger, if I wave at them.

TIA means that flowers bloom in abundance year around, there are beautiful trees at every turn, that beef is cheap (at least here in Bots), that utilities are cheap, that there is an abundance of labor available.

TIA means that there is construction all around, but in some countries this is over-matched by destruction.

Living in Africa has been a tremendous experience that few people can enjoy.  All of us are so richly blessed in so many ways...

TIA means "Thankful in Africa."


  1. The Photo of the Tree is Beautiful. Did you take it? Where?

  2. That tree is right outside the visitor's center in Cape Point Park, south of Cape Town, RSA. Yep it's a beaut. Some beautiful trees here.