Thursday, November 28, 2013

The Simpsons in Botswana

What are the odds?

Listen to this unusual tale, that is true, or at least as true as anything else I write on this blog...

0n 10 October, Anna and Ben's 4th wedding anniversary, I happened to notice that all those premium TV channels that are usually blocked, suddenly came alive.  Channel 125 was... Fox!  Wow!

Actually a double, no quadruple Wow!.  There were 4 episodes of the Simpsons on tonight, all of which were new to me.  Now comes the strange part.

The first Simpsons was the one where Homer directed the Super Bowl halftime.  At one point during the show four or five countries were listed with a map of the country.  What are the odds?  Botswana was one of those countries.  Why Botswana?  of the over 250 countries of the world, why Botswana?  Who in the USA even knows there is such a country as Botswana?

Strange things happen, things that defy the odds, but this really seemed extra special.  How many episodes of the Simpsons, though they number 532 now, mention Botswana?  A little research shows that this episode was called "Pranksta Rap" and originally aired on 13 Feb, 2005.

So here are the things that came together:
  1. We could see Fox network for the first time since I left USA on 14 Jan 2013.
  2. The Simpsons was coming on.
  3. I am a BIG Simpsons fan and have missed seeing it since coming to Africa.
  4.  I didn't forget to turn back to Fox at the right time.
  5. The Only episode out of 532 that mentions Botswana (I am guessing on this one) came on.
  6. We were sitting in Botswana watching.

Go figure!

G^d is good even in the small things.   G^d is good whether things go well or not.

Thanks G^d for your manifold Blessings!

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