Saturday, November 30, 2013

Just Another Day...

Today was just another day.  At 0900 this AM I showed up at the wrong venue for a freshman orientation.  Fortunately, I figured out where I should have been and got there only 5 minutes late.  Not to worry, hardly anyone else was there even at 0905.

We waited around about an hour, and only a handful of students showed up.  The Head of Department made the wise call to postpone the orientaiton until next Tuesday when all the Freshmen would be in a core course.  We would use the first hour or so of the class, but hey, no worries at least they would all (well a lot of them) would be there.  It will conflict with the first hour of my own class, but that's OK.

When I got back to the Main office I had the MOST mail in my time here.  I had 4 water bills , plus, I had an invitation to a party at the American embassy.  The newest bill was for the month of April and it was 16 August.  fortunately I had pre-paid our bill well in advance so no problems.  The party was at 4 PM on 27 June.  I courteously RSVP'd that we regretted we could not attend, despite our strong desire to do so.  We couldn't attend because the event occurred almost two months earlier!  Oh well, what are you going to do?

That is a spiritual problem alos.  As the Chinese say it, "We are too soon old, and too late smart."  The concept of old age sneaks up on us.  I remarked to an older friend the otehr day,  that I cannot imagine how older pagans cope with the idea of impending death.  My young students pretty much think that they will never die.  But people get to be my age, and surely they realize that our days are indeed numbered.

As I related in a blog post several months ago, we are all destined to take a long journey in death.  The question is, What preparations have we made for this journey?

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