Friday, November 29, 2013

Old Timers Now

With the recent arrival of two more new Fulbright Fellows, Brenda and I have been magically transformed into the "veterans" by virtue of being here 6.5 months longer than they.  Here are our new American friends.

It is nice to have someone to talk with who has a lot in common.  It also nice to be able to answer questions and provide some help.  It makes us feel useful and knowledgeable.  That doesn't happen that often for us.

The acculturation is interesting.  We feel much more comfortable here now, we can get around to most places without getting too lost, and the greatest thrill is running into people we know.  It's nice to be a bit more relaxed too.

From running on campus most days, I have gotten to know it's geography pretty well.  But again the nicest thing is to see people I know and to hear them call my name, "Beeshoop".

I wonder if we will ever get used to heaven?  Will it be continually new?   I think not.  I think the nicest thing in heaven will be to see Paul the Apostle and chat about some of his letters.  I think it will be nice to run into Joshua, or Caleb and I will recognize them, and them me.

Of course this is all speculative, as I don't know what heaven will be, I am just sure it will be good.

But if it is right, won't the greatest thing be to stroll around and see The Christ Jesus, and be able to sit an eternity in His presence.

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