Tuesday, November 19, 2013

The Hide

One of the neatest things we have seen is the elephant hide.  It was built at a Kasane Lodge by a Nikon Photo company.  Apprently for a few hundred dollars, you can book a camera, a good long lens, and an opportunity to make some great pictures.

Part of that opportunity sometimes involves a trip to the lodge.  Once there, for the price of a beverage, you can go down a little opening that resembles a phone booth.  The opening leads to a little underground passageway that leads to a little room with ground-level windows overlooking a waterhole into which fresh water gets pumped.  It was neat, and with patience you surely could get some very interesting pictures.

The angle is neat.  At Elephant Sands you see animals very close, but here you see them from a low angle, which gives a neat perspective.  It is quiet and it is neat to have this comfortable place from which to watch G^d's world go about its business.

We saw elephants, banded mongoose, baboons, and warthogs from this spot.  It was a peaceful place, sort of a modern Garden of Eden.

We are Blessed indeed.

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