Tuesday, November 5, 2013

Independence Day!! Part I

It ain't 4th of July, but it is Independence Day, nevertheless.  Here in Bots, 30 Sept is Independence Day, and Tues, 1 Oct is a Public Holiday as well.  Bots became Independent in 1966, according to the radio, making this the 47th anniversary.

The thought of independence has some universal appeal.  I think of us USA citizens as being independent to a fault.  We want to do as we please, when we please, how we please.  Nice self-centered thought there, isn't it?

Other cultures, in fact, most of the world's population seem to have different thoughts on this issue.  In much of the world the group is valued over the individual.  Usually the family is the key group, then the clan or tribe, but in these people they see their identity as Kalunga, or San or something other than me, I, myself, the individual.

We in the USA think our thinking is normative and ideal, but I think not.  Excess individuality has many problems of which we are unaware, because it is the only system that we know and experience.  Biblically, the Hebrews, Samaritans, and even Philistines seemed to have this group identity, which is why this comes up so often.  Getting our minds off ourselves may offer great value--- if we ever try it.

Let me know how it goes...

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