Wednesday, November 20, 2013

The Message

A few weeks back I wrote about getting not one, but TWO traffic tickets in one trip.  I have consequently become a very, very cautious driver.

Our last long trip was to Kasane, and our return was on the longest public holiday of the year, Independence Day, which fell on a Monday.  For some reason, Tuesday was also declared a public holiday, which meant from Friday PM quitting time until Wed start of work was a nice long holiday.

The Botswana Police seem especially caring about our safety, so coming out of Nata, just after 0840, we are stopped by the first Police roadblock of the day. They want to brief us on tire safety and other safety issues.  It is nice that they are interested enough to stop us.  Really it is.

G^d likewise is interested enough in our well being that He will stop us on occasion to tell us what we ought to do.  But, we have to listen.  We can ignore good advice, but we do so at our own peril.

How are your tires?

What is G^d telling us?

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