Wednesday, July 23, 2014

An Electrifying Experience

My family was recently at a local, unnamed, swimming complex.  As we lazily floated around the lazy river, I looked up and noticed...
an electric pump positioned about 3 feet from the edge of the water.

"So what?" you ask.

Electricity and water do NOT mix well, especially with 100 or more humans in said water.  Should some child accidentally pull on the suction hose and pull the wheel-mounted electric pump into the water, it could kill a lot of folks.

I contacted the pool supervisor, who didn't seem to understand my concern in the least.  I asked that she notify her supervisor of my safety concern for the lives of their patrons.

When NOTHING happened for over an hour, I went back to the supervisor.  Her boss had no concerns re killing patrons.

I asked if I could call the BIG supervisor, a long-time friend.  He said he would check, and sure enough the plug was finally pulled... until I left the pool.

I called big boss again, to no avail.

I was so worked up that it was hard to calm down and sleep that night.

I contacted via email a safety expert friend to make sure I wasn't crazy.

Nope, not crazy - at least about this particular issue.

Ultimately I contacted a safety expert who has jurisdiction over this facility, and he shut down the problem pending investigation.

The problem is still unresolved, but it did illuminate one glaring flaw (of many) in my own character.

I was MUCH more concerned about the temporal lives of strangers, than I was about the spiritual eternal death of these same folk.

Did you get that?  How can it be that I care more for this short 75-85 years than for their eternal life?

How about you?

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