Friday, July 25, 2014

One old church, on top of an older Church, on top of...

One of the interesting things we got to see in Rome was one old church, on top of an older Church, on top of a pagan temple dating to the first century.  It reminds me of Guatemala, where much younger (than Roman) Christian churches were deliberately built on top of pagan worship sites.

The top Roman church, The Church of San Clemente, was beautiful, and like most Italian churches had some beautiful art.

 Here is some of the old tile floor.  We couldn't take picts of the art.
 This is some graffitti on the wall in an old first-centruy apartment.  I didn't do it!

There is an interesting parallel with the human condition.  All Christians are building G^d's temple on top of pagan ruins.  For those who came into relationship with the Christ at an early age, the pagan temple is small and humble.  For those coming to Christ in their late 20's, that pagan temple may well be elaborate, as well developed as the one under San Clemente.

Another parallel exists.  The Christian Church, San Clemente, is impressive, extensive, holy.  You would NEVER know of that old temple under the Church.  For most of us, that old temple crops up from time to time.

As the contemporary song goes,  " The old is gone, the new is come.  What You (Christ) complete, is completely done."

Thanks be to G^d, that the old is gone, that it is completely done, regardless of what we may think.

Enjoy G^d's forgiveness and love today.

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